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GROW Combination A Four piece

by Blomus
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Color: Cloud

Outdoor Patio Sectional Sofa Combination A

Elevate your outdoor living experience with the Outdoor Patio Sectional Sofa Combination A. This innovative combination consists of four GROW furniture units designed to transform your patio into a luxurious and comfortable seating area. The units are delivered in shippable boxes and expand to a usable size once removed from vacuum-sealed packaging, offering both convenience and style.

Outdoor Patio Sectional Sofa Combination A features a unique low-lying design inspired by Japanese interior aesthetics, promoting a minimalist and postmodern look. This floor-level comfort furniture encourages communication and interaction, bringing you closer to the earth and enhancing your outdoor living experience.

Key Features:

  • Modular Design: Combination of four GROW furniture units.
  • Space-Saving Packaging: Units grow to full size upon unpacking.
  • Durable Material: Made from waterproof synthetic material.
  • Easy to Clean: Low maintenance and simple cleaning.
  • Weather Recommendations: Indoor/covered storage recommended during winter.
  • Select from two available colors: Cloud and Coal, to complement your outdoor area.

What's Included:

  • 2x Module 1 Corner Seat
  • 2x Module 2 Single Seat
  • 2x 62107 Floor Plate with Legs Set
  • 2x 62108 Floor Plate with Legs Set
  • 3x 62106 Connector Sets


The sophisticated concept of each unit consists of two main components, the outer cover and the filling/foam. The elements of GROW furniture are designed for long-term outdoor use. Each element has been manufactured using high-end materials.

GROW Outer Cover – The GROW Olefin cover is waterproof, and features an extra soft look and feel with additional cushioning material just inside the cover. The outer fabric is fast drying and made of interwoven synthetic fibers. The bottom side of each piece of furniture is fitted with a robust premium fabric. The underside plate pouch offers extra protection against hard outdoor surfaces, but the pouch is actually included to integrate the bottom plates and case legs, if the user so chooses. (Olefin Cover: 380 g/m2; Light fastness: ISO 105B02 (grade 7); Shrub resistance 20,000 Martindale; High UV resistance; Hygienic, Breathable, Hypoallergenic; Neutral to environment, ground water and foods; Recyclable.)

The Olefin (polypropylene fiber) cover is a synthetic-based fabric that was first created in Italy in 1957. When manufactured, Olefin creates very little waste and is easy to recycle. Olefin is extremely durable, stain resistant, lightweight, and strong.

GROW Foam – The GROW units are filled with high-class foam for superb comfort while sitting or lying on the sofa unit. The foam features excellent point elasticity, meaning the user’s body weight is evenly distributed over the surface. The foam is low-noise and hygienic, breathable and hypoallergenic.

How to Care for Your GROW Furniture:

  • Brush or rub off loose dirt.
  • Remove stains with a soft, damp cloth with cold or lukewarm water, not warmer than 100° F/38° C.
  • Damp spots should be dried with a dry cloth – avoid puddling water on the surface for extended periods of time.
  • Only dry the GROW furniture outside in the air, never use excessive heat on the fabric (such as a hair dryer, heat lamp or heat gun).
  • Although GROW can be used without the Base Plates, they will help protect the foam of the furniture pieces.
  • Blomus recommends indoor/covered storage of GROW furniture during extended periods of inclement weather, such as winter. Doing so will increase the longevity of your GROW furniture.

GROW Complete Step-by-Step Assembly


Specification Detail
Dimensions When assembled, Combination A is 104.3" x 66.9" x 26.8" / 2.65m x 1.7m x 68cm
Overall Product Weight 145.5 lb.
Materials High-Quality Synthetic Fiber
Olefin Outdoor Cover Polypropylene Fiber; 380 g/m2; Light Fastness: ISO 105B02 (grade 7); Shrub Resistance: 20,000 Martindale; High UV Resistance; Hygienic, Breathable, Hypoallergenic; Neutral to the Environment, Groundwater, and Foods; Recyclable.
GROW Foam Low-noise, Hygienic, Breathable, and Hypoallergenic
Color Cloud and Coal
Assembly Required Yes
Outdoor Use Yes
Water Resistant Yes
Fade Resistant Yes
Warranty 2-year Manufacturer Defect
Designer German Studio kaschkasch


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  • Both Blomus and our freight carrier will be contacting you at the telephone number and/or email address you provide on your order. Please ensure that both are correct and be willing to accept information regarding your shipment. (Contact might be made via Blomus SKS USA, Freight Club, or an independent truckline.)
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  • Do not use a sharp knife or cutter to open your package as you may damage the contents!


This product comes with a 2-year manufacturer's defect warranty. For any issues related to manufacturing defects within this period, please contact our customer service for assistance.

Return Policy

Due to the expansion process of the inner filling, this item is non-returnable. Returns will be honored only if you have received the incorrect item or if the item is damaged or defective.


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